Have you ever noticed that no matter how much information and ideas there are; it’s always really hard to figure out what to eat?Do you exercise consistently and still disappointed with the results. Well I’m here to tell you that 70% of your results are based upon your nutrition.  I know all of you have heard the old saying “you are what you eat.” I hate to break the news but it’s true.  I believe with my whole heart that success begins with the grocery store and planning ahead.

There are several tips that I believe will help you on your journey to the grocery store.  I will provide below the ones that I live by and I believe will truly help you have success. Being successful on any program begins with your pre-planning.  You need to make sure your house is stocked with healthy foods so that you can make good decisions.

Keep in mind how grocery stores or markets are designed.

“Markets perform a great public service, but keep in mind they are designed to get you to buy (and, therefore, eat) more food, not less,” says Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, professor of nutrition at New York University.

  1. Always go with your list.Create your list based on the way in which your grocery store is set up. Shopping the perimeter is a must.  I list all my fruits and veggies first then move to my dairy products and finish with proteins last. Add extras if you need to. I find that without a list you wind up missing half of what you needed. I also find that there is a tendency totake longer and adding unhealthy things in your cart.
  2. Don’t go when you’re hungry!Eat a good meal first and you will be more likely to stick to a list. When you’re hungry you make bad decisions and end up putting things in your cart that should not be there. I’ll buy a protein bar at the grocery store first before I start my shopping.  This will help me make better decisions and keep me out of trouble.  The protein bars I eat are Mojo bars or a Kind bars.  They both have lot of nuts that will keep you full longer.
  3. Keep the list on your fridge. Write them down immediately as you’re running out. Do this and you’ll never have to run back to the store because you don’t have eggs. I like to keep a list on my fridge and one inside my pantry that way so that I know what needs to replaced.
  4. Try the store brands. Brand names are often no better than generic, and you’re paying for all the advertisement they pay to have a brand name. Give the store brands a try, and often you won’t notice a difference.
  5. Meet the pyramid guidelines.You should be filling your cart with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, and nuts. Most of us tend to eat the same foods over and over again. But variety really is the spice of life and health. Be adventurous; aim to try a new fruit or vegetable each week.

I hope that your grocery store trip will be much more enjoyable and very productive to help you start the journey of good health. Just remember what your feeding your body today will be tomorrows body.



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