Empower Yourself and Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

Join the Hundreds of People I’ve Helped Get Into the Best Shape of Their Lives.  Now It’s Your Turn!


How to Train for A Spartan Race in 12 Weeks

Want to be supremely conditioned for your next obstacle race? Follow this complete 12 week training guide and you will be able to complete a sprint, super or beast in 12 weeks.  This program is for beginners to advance.  I will not only provide the best workouts to condition you and build your strength but teach you the best techniques to get you ready to race.  After following my week by week training plan not only will you be ready to race you will also build the confidence you will need to complete your Spartan race.  If you want to go for your Trifecta this program will provide the tips and tools to get your ready for your Trifecta. I will also provide video for complete instruction.

The 7 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

You can be that person that everybody wants to look like and be like if you eliminate the 7 most common mistakes that make you fat.

You will be healthier, live longer, feel better, increase your energy, and have the desired body that you have always wanted by following these 7 Simple Steps.  If you’ve been overweight and unhealthy for a long time now, you know what it’s like to be tired, stressed out, and run down with no energy.  If you can’t fit into your clothes, it’s hard to tie your shoes, and just going up the stairs is a difficult task in of itself then it’s time to follow these 7 Simple Steps to weight loss. The only way you are going to be able to make these changes is by sticking to my tips that can improve your life in just a few short days. This revolutionary program has helped thousands of people look and feel years younger, have energy, and get into the best shape of their lives!

My 7 Simple steps to weight loss will jump start your body in the right direction. Click the button down below and for only $9.99 you can learn the secrets that will help transform your body.

Seven Day Kickstart


With my program I will teach you a successful system that will give you real and lasting results!

For over 20 years my system has changed the lives of 1000s of my clients forever and it’s going to change yours too.

When you download this EBook today I’m going to teach you that same system.

Here’s what’s involved in it…

I’m going to teach you….

  • How to Kick Start your body transformation
  • How to change your eating habits
  • How to supercharge your metabolism and burn fat without starving

You’re going to learn how to change your lifestyle so that you can…

  • Have more energy
  • Wear whatever clothes you want
  • Look & Feel years younger

With my 7 Day Kick Start Program you will get a complete Exercise and Nutrition Program and you will not have to worry about what to do because I’ve done all the thing for you.  And I will walk you through a step by step process.

These systems, strategies, and ideas have transformed the lives of 1000s of my clients!

Imagine how your body and life would change if you were transformed.

What if…..

  • You had more energy
  • Were able to wear whatever clothes you wanted
  • looked and felt years younger

Now my clients pay me between $5000 to $10,000 per year just to learn the same strategies that I’m going to teach you!

This program is only $37

12 Weeks Team Training

12 Weeks Alumni Training

Total Body Boot Camp Training (3x per week)

Total Body Boot Camp Training (2x per week)

Abs Arms and Glutes Training (2x per week)

30 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

Customized Home Workout Program

Empower Yourself and Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

Join the Hundreds of People I’ve Trained to Get Into the Best Shape of Their Lives.  Now It’s Your Turn!

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